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At Dillard Tours, we take pride in availing our clients travelling to Uganda or hoping to do a safari in Uganda with up-to-date and unrivaled travel advice to enable them archive memorable Safari Tour experiences.

With our main office in Kampala, Uganda; our Safari Tour Experts based in Uganda, are hands on with the latest travel information for Uganda and very knowledgeable when it comes to the latest Safari tips on how to enable our clients from all over the world choose the best Safari in Uganda that matches their expectations.

You can turn your holiday to Uganda to what you want it to be TALK TO A CONSULTANT

A Visit to Uganda could easily be a blend of trips including the following;

  • Hiking Safari Trip plus Big 5 game Safari in Uganda (Self organized or organized with a local expert guide).
  • Big 5 Game Safari in Uganda plus Cultural Safari (Self organized or organized with a local expert guide).
  • Fly in Safari in Uganda to different destination.
  • Hiking Safari tour in Uganda plus Big 5 Game Safari plus Cultural Safar (Self-managed or organized with a local expert guide.
  • All above plus city tours all around Uganda (Self organized or with organized with a local expert guide).
  • Or a combination of all the above and primate expedition out of Kampala.
  • All above plus Boat Cruises across different Lakes and Rivers with a local expert guide.
  • Or Photo Safari with all the above organized with a local expert guide.

Our teams of Expert Safari consultants have created a selection of Uganda Tours and Safaris for all kinds of travelers for example;

  1. First time travelers to Africa.
  2. Families with children.
  3. Honeymooners
  4. Wildlife enthusiasts
  5. Adventure seekers.

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