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Safe, Affordable & Unforgettable Exclusive African Safari Tour experiences


  • For travelers looking for safe & unforgettable African experiences, Look no further than Dillard Tours. Our Team of Destination specialists will guide you through your Safari Tour planning enabling you to achieve a memorable Safari Experience.
  • Our team of Tour Consultants has traveled East Africa and has been tailoring unique safari tour itineraries since 2015.
  • At Dillard we present a bursting of financial safety and a flexible cancellation policy for your peace of mind. Terms and conditions
  • We know that you have always wanted that dream Safari Tour Experience in Uganda and East Africa, and we promise to fulfill this dream
  • Book you’re Easter African Exclusive Safari Tour Experience with unmatched assurance
  • Travel with Dillard Tours and Travel and find out why we are one of the top rated Safari Companies on Trip Advisor & Safari Bookings
  • We are fully open, Covid-19 safe, vaccinated and travel ready!
  • An Exclusive African Safari Tour Experience is the deal breaker if you are looking for a post lock down break.
  • Authentic Savannah bushy grassland, Acacia woodland, Lake shore or wetland vegetation, and forest grassland unforgettable hiking experiences combined with exclusive open vehicle game drives with vaccinated guides & Robust health protocols is what you should expect on all our Safari Tour Experiences in Eastern Africa.

For an update on Covid-19 and why you can book now with confidence, please see our COVID 19 UPDATE

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